Alexandria J. Maloney, MPA

Engaging Organizations in Meaningful Dialogue and Action

Alexandria J. Maloney, MPA is an internationally-recognized Social Impact and DEIJ Strategist. 
Helping Organizations Build Inclusive Communities and Sustainable DEI Pipelines

More about Alexandria

Alexandria is a foreign affairs professional with nearly a decade of social impact experience. Her passion for supporting DEIJ+ efforts stems from her personal experience as a woman of color navigating the foreign affairs field. Compelled to action, Alexandria’s work has centered around building formal and informal pipelines for the next generation of underrepresented international affairs professionals. 

By 30, she was named one of the “Top 100 Most Influential People of African Descent”, a “Forbes 50 Champion” for Black and Brown communities, and Distinguished Alumni of the Year at her alma mater in Italy for her leadership in building ecosystems to educate, prepare, and empower an organic reach of over 60,000. 

Her expertise and interests span a host of foreign affairs, DEIJ, arts and culture, and public engagement matters.

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